Saturday, March 30, 2019


Today was crazy and I am exhausted. Mom depended on me to entertain all the dogs who brought their people to our garage sale. There was one, Peanut, who was really flirting with me, but I told her my heart belongs to Rita.

Friday, March 29, 2019

I’m confused

Mom and Shelley are having a garage sale. I think it shlould be called a You Might Want What I Don't sale.

I'm making sure none of my stuff is in here.....

Sunday, March 24, 2019

On The Road Again

Mom said we are going to start traveling again!! I already have a trip to tell about, but first here's the CliffsNotes version of the last five years.  Mom and I married Mike in early 2014.  He needed us to take care of him and we spent a lot of time in hospitals and rehab places. Mom says someone else is taking care of him now, so we are back on our own.
Some of the facilities let me and Mom both stay 

A couple of years ago, Mom started painting.  She called it therapeutic.  She painted and painted and painted while Mike watched FOX news and I took long naps.  Some paintings have been sold or gifted, but we still have around 60 in our house.  She says we are going to invite people who like them to our house for an inventory reduction sale. That should be fun!

Mom was commissioned to do this triptych by a Chattanooga collector

Me and Mom's first commission

Our very first Somewhere Else trip was last month to see the VA Gutheries.  We stayed with them 10 days and I tried really hard to get along with Henry.  I heard people say Henry is tolerant, but I think it's me.


We are going back to VA to in April and may go to VA Beach to visit a lady Mom hasn't seen in 55 years .  I sure hope they still like each other!!  And Mom says we are going to start going to croquet tournaments, but she didn't say when.  We had a long weekend at Tybee Island with Shelley and our friends the Murphys.  They are rebuilding the beach from the hurricane - right now it looks like another planet.

Tybee Island

I have a girlfriend!!  She doesn't seem to mind that I will be 11 in November.  She is only three, but very mature.  Her name is Rita.