Dad Wolfie -70#

Mom Jasmine - 90#

Rocky was supposed to be a Havapoo

March 2020

I’ve known for several years that a second dog in my and Deacon’s life could be a good thing. Or not. A very sweet lady in South Georgia, Melanie, breeds Havapoos, and I have been on her waiting list for over three years, waiting for the right dog at the right time.  Small.  Cute. Cuddly. Great playmate for Deacon. 

I am considered vulnerable to Covid-19 and, isolated, the urge to get a puppy was irresistible. Saw an ad for an 8 week old German Shepherd Dog - I’ve always thought I’d have one. :). I broke isolation, met the guy on I75, paid him with my Havapoo money and a new chapter began!