Deacon's Home Page

Deacon came into my life one year after Tom left it.  Although I've had many dogs in my life, I'd been an unbelievable 12 years without one. I had decided on the breed, Havanese, because they enjoy the reputation of being a good condo dog, smart and adaptable to different situations. I found this puppy in a nearby town on the internet.
We got off to a rocky start. Practical, good sense told me not to buy him at all.  He was three months old, the last of a litter of five and was terrified of people.  He had had no shots or worming and little social interaction. He was large for the breed.  Nevertheless, I took him home, after extracting a promise from the seller that I could bring him back if it didn't work out.
He had never been in a car and he threw up and cowered all the way home.   We had such a rocky start that yes, I called the seller not once, but twice, saying I had to bring him back.  Thank God and Shelley, both times I changed my mind!
I was working from home at the time, so was able to gain his confidence and train him with constant patience.